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For over 7 years we’ve exclusively dedicated our Facebook™ and Instagram™ Advertising expertise to seeing online course creators turn their live launches and evergreen funnels into 7 Figure Businesses.

Our Boutique Advertising Agency works exclusively with a small number of elite clients. 

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Ready To Finally Hit Your 7 Figure Freedom Goals?

- Anne LaFollette

"Salome and her team have helped take my business to a whole new level. The first year we worked together my business took a quantum leap forward."

anne's business continues to grow year after year

- Brad Bizjack

"Salome and her team helped us go from struggling below 6 figures per year to creating a multi 7 figure business in just 14 months."

brad reached multi 7 figures and continues to grow

- Amy Porterfield

"Not only is Salome incredibly skilled in paid advertising, but she also has a huge heart. That is why she has been such a huge support to my community."

We've Been Amy Porterfield’s Choice For Ads Training For Her Students For Over 5 Years

Our Results Driven Boutique Online Advertising Agency specializes in taking 6 figure online course businesses and scaling them to 7 figure freedom empires. 

With over seven years of experience in using paid advertising to increase profits for online course creators, we know three things for sure...


You’ve Launched Your Courses, You’ve Tasted Success... Now You’re Ready For More

Ready for more?

We Know What You Want

You want the best quality leads

Even when the advertising platforms are constantly changing.

You want predictability in your results

So that you can scale your business without sacrificing profitability.

But let’s face it, Zuckerberg likes to change things up and what worked six months ago may not be working now...

And you want to partner with a team that can help you pinpoint exactly where to optimize your marketing campaigns and implement strategies that are working now. 

You want to hit your big goals every year

If you’ve launched profitably and reached 6 figures, we can help you increase your launch results, scale your evergreen funnels and build your freedom empire!

But don’t take our word for it…

hear what our clients say about us!

That’s why we stay up to date with all the latest strategies and tactics for selling online courses and scaling online course businesses even when advertising platforms keep changing.


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So What Sets The Launch Lounge™ Boutique Advertising Agency Apart?

and what's in it for you?

In fact, we go so far as to declare that you will never make money from ads if those ads are not underpinned by high-converting funnels that have been proven to convert. 

You already know the key to making money is to

  • Find more of your most profitable customers online
  • Help them fall in love with you
  • Make offers they love saying ‘yes’ to. 

And as a successful 6 figure marketer you’ve proven that you know how to convert your ideal customer to a raving fan and a paying student. 


We are NOT another Facebook™ Ads Agency promising you that we can make you quick money online 

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How to optimize and scale what already works in your business so you finally hit your biggest goals!

We Know...

How to make money online. Whether you are launching a course or growing your membership, you've
got 6 figure sales nailed!

You Know...

Where we really shine is in helping you meticulously track your funnel data, understand what the data tells you, and identify exactly where to put your focus in order to optimize your conversion funnels and scale your business faster.

We’re more than just Facebook™ Ads Specialists, we are your dedicated team of online marketing consultants who specialize in helping you sell more online programs!


So how do we help you make more money?

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We work exclusively with a small number of elite online course creators as clients.

When you become one of our clients, you’ll join the ranks of other world-class course creators scaling their businesses to match their 7 figure freedom goals.

Apply today to secure your chance to get notified when a spot becomes available.

Ready To Become Our Next 7 Figure Success Story?

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Number of Years Combined Experience In Online Marketing In Our Small Team

"I’ll recommend Salome and her team in a heartbeat."

"On Friday we close the cart and right now we have 100 new clients!!!!"

"We especially appreciate their level of organization and detailed reporting and analysis."

"We succeeded in our goal to be one of the Top 10 affiliates for B-School." 

"They paid above-and-beyond attention to the relaunch of our two evergreen campaigns."

"They helped me get webinar registrations for 96c!"

Discover The Secret Behind The Success Of
The Launch Lounge™ Boutique Advertising Agency

Discover The Secret Behind The Success Of The Launch Lounge™ Boutique Advertising Agency

And The Incredible Clients We Work With...

At The Launch Lounge™ Agency we pride ourselves on the fact that we are the only Agency that EXCLUSIVELY works with online course creators.

Other Agencies are forced to work with e-commerce clients where the ad budgets are typically much higher and the return on ad spend is visible within a few short days.

That’s why you need a different approach to optimizing and scaling your business – and we have cracked the code!

It typically takes much longer for a new lead to convert to a sale in an online courses funnel, especially if you’re only launching a few times a year.

Every dollar you spend on ads needs to be accounted for, months after it was spent.

That’s where our unique Data and Analytics System comes in and where we excel at helping our clients pinpoint with precision how their ad dollars are performing to help them create live and evergreen course funnels that convert more traffic to sales.

Your Online Courses Business Is Different

Profitable Ads + Clear Data Analysis Is The Key To Our Clients’ Success


We call it the ‘Most Profitable Customer Journey’ because by plugging in some of your existing data into our formulas, we help our clients optimize the profitable flow of traffic from lead to sale with ease and with accuracy, even when Zucks changes the algorithm again. 

Build your Freedom Empire and finally, live life on your terms

Scale your impact with high ticket back end programs

Finally work from Wherever

Take on fewer one-on-one clients

Spend more time with the most important people in your life

Build a world-class online education experience - not just a course

Finally build your dream team

This allows you to spend more time on important things like...

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We Work Exclusively With A Small Number Of Elite Clients In Our Boutique Advertising Agency

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"My numbers continue to rise weekly because of this investment in getting the best people to help me grow my business."

"The consistency of communication and reporting makes me feel completely in the loop. The cost per conversion was great too."

"We can finally see exactly what’s working for future ad spending!"

"It’s such a comforting thing to have someone alongside you that cares about your success just as much as you do."

"My launch was successful because of the brain power behind Salome’s skill set with running successful Facebook™ ads."

"Salome TRULY wants to see her clients succeed and it’s that personal interest that sets her and her team apart from everyone else."

What You Get When You Work With Us

Your 'Most Profitable Customer Journey' Audit

We begin by conducting a comprehensive audit of your funnels and your analytics. This allows us to identify profitable areas within your funnels, optimize sales, allocate ad budget effectively, and scale both live and evergreen funnels without wasting money.

VALUE: $5,000

VALUE: $2,500

An ad is only as good as the people who see it. 

We conduct full audience research to identify where we will find the right people who will convert to leads AND to sales.

Full Audience Research

Your Best Facebook™ And Instagram™ Ads Strategy Designed
With You

Drawing from our collective experience in online marketing, live course launching and evergreen scaling, we plan and build your individualized ad strategy based on your goals with the ad budget you have today. 

We start where you are now and scale up with clear goals you set with us.

VALUE: $5,000

Monthly Consulting With Salome

Not only is Salome a top Facebook™ Ads Specialist, but she’s also an online course conversion funnel Coach and Consultant who has worked with the creme-de-la-creme of professional online course marketers, supporting them to optimize and scale their online course funnels.

When you become a client in The Launch Lounge™ Agency you get monthly Online Marketing Strategy Sessions with Salome. She supports you to optimize your conversion funnels, whether it is a high-ticket coaching funnel, a live launch funnel or your evergreen webinar funnel. She’s your social media marketing and sales coach on stand-by to help you scale your business faster.

This is the only way to work with Salome one-on-one.

VALUE: $5,000

Your Dedicated Conversion Funnels Expert, Campaign Manager and Data Analysis Specialist

As one of our elite clients you'll build a strong relationship with your dedicated Campaign Manager who will ensure that your ad campaigns and your projects run on time, on budget, every time.

Your Conversion Funnels Expert will help you implement only the best online marketing strategies that are working NOW for online course creators and your dedicated Data Analysis Specialist will help you understand your data and identify your 'Most Profitable Customer Journey' so that you can scale faster and hit your 7 figure goals without the guesswork.

VALUE: $10,500

Take a look at some of our successful campaigns…

What About Copy And Design?

We value branding and conversion equally. 

Our in-house Digital Designer and our team of Copywriters work almost exclusively on Facebook™ and Instagram™ advertising and we pride ourselves on our ability to create thumb-stopping work that represents your brand in the best way possible.

We love working with clients who are clear on their brand voice, give us brand guides to follow and create pages that convert the traffic we send their way. 

VALUE: $3,500

We like to brag!

A Small Sample Of Work We Are Very Proud Of

Ready To Finally Grow To 7 Figure Freedom?


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You can be our next 7 figure success story!




Here's What You Can Expect After Applying

What Happens Next?

We book a call with you to get a better understanding of your goals and to learn what your needs are for our partnership.

If we are a match and we have a client position open, we'll invite you to join us and provide you with a detailed proposal with an outline of next steps.

Our team reviews your application and replies via email within 2 work days.

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This     for you if:

It's probably         for you if...



You're looking for someone to take over your ads so you don't have to think about marketing any more.

Things often get done last minute or you feel like you're always catching up.

You're looking for an ads team to rescue, remedy or resuscitate your funnels.

High pressure situations and constant fluctuations in the market does not bring out the best in you.

Your team changes often and you're still establishing your values within your business.

You're ready to partner with a professional team and you're committed to doing good marketing.

You value good project management and take pleasure in planning your work ahead of deadlines.

Your funnels consistently convert, and you have a basic understanding of what you did right to make them successful.

You remain the good human you are when you are under tremendous pressure.

You have a supportive team who loves to collaborate and excels at both written and verbal communication.

Ready To Finally Grow To 7 Figure Freedom?


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Your FREEDOM EMPIRE is waiting!

"Salome and her team are so much more than just our ads team — they’re my teammates and my cheerleaders."

- Stephanie May Wilson

I started learning online marketing out of sheer rebellion against a choice I felt forced to make. “How do I maintain my creative drive, my need for independence and my love for expensive shoes AND show up for my two young daughters without having to work full time?”

This one question has taken me around the world, connecting me with remarkable people and providing me with the education of a lifetime. 

Today, I am the CEO of a 7 Figure Agency. I have helped thousands of new entrepreneurs successfully launch their courses online while building a business that offers flexible work opportunities for women, so that they, too, can live life on their own terms.

It would be an honor to share the expertise of my incredibly talented team with you to help you scale your online courses business to 7 Figures and beyond! 

Join us and we’ll show you what having your very own Freedom Empire means.


Hi, I'm Salome...
I Love Seeing Women Define And Create Their Freedom Empires

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, our team operates from Brisbane in Australia. We use email communication and very clear systems and processes to make it super easy to work with us from anywhere in the world.

Our clients become like family members and we love our families. We love working with people who are respectful and kind even when they are under pressure. ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ are our favorite words and we enjoy working with people who understand that nonverbal communication often needs a bit more TLC to sound professional and friendly. Secondary to that, we look for funnels that are already converting and that do not need to be saved, resuscitated or resurrected. We do our best work when we can scale your already converting funnels.

No. We never guarantee any results because markets change, Facebook™ advertising changes and your audience can change. What we do really well is bring the best quality traffic to your funnels and we help you track your results and interpret them so that you can scale your business and make more profit.

You won’t know for sure. We can help you analyze historical data, interpret the data to know how warm or cold the traffic was when they converted, and then recreate that journey with ads. But ‘crystal balling’ the future based on historical data can still be a risky game to play and we never hang our hats on predictions of any kind.

Yes, we take care of all of that for you. What we do need to create the best ad copy and images/videos for your ads is a good landing page with clear benefits listed and a good Brand Guide and Copy Voice Guide if you have one. 

We do not limit you in the number of funnels you can run when you are one of our clients. We add a 10% Ad Management Fee when your ad spend goes over $20,000 in any given month and you’ll want to keep this in mind for your big live launches when your ad budget is likely to increase suddenly. 

Yes, we send Weekly Reports on Tuesdays. With the reports we will send you a complete list of abbreviations we use so that you can understand our ‘Geek speak’ and have a very clear picture of the results you are getting from your ads that week.

Sorry to hear that, it happens too often. We never make any promises about revenue you’ll receive from our work because we have seen the damage this creates in the relationships with clients. We value the collaborative nature of the relationship. When you win, we win. If you have an expectation that we should commit to results you can expect, that is a red flag to us and it is unlikely we’ll work together, simply because we love harmony in our relationships with our clients and fortune telling is not one of our strengths.

Yes, we can. We will evaluate this on a case by case basis. Please fill out the application form and let us know that you are also looking for a team to build your funnels for you. 

In the interest of honoring your time and energy we want you to know that our monthly retainer fees start from US$4,500 per month. Your ad spend will go directly to Facebook™ via the credit card linked to your account and is not included in our fees. If this is outside your current advertising budget, please come back to us when your situation has changed. 

Become Our Next 7 Figure Success Story