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The Launch Lounge™ 30 Days Intensive Program is strictly limited to 2 clients per month. To be considered, apply today and we’ll notify you when a position becomes available. 

Unlock Your Customised Roadmap to Rapidly Scaling Your Business

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"Can someone please just tell me exactly what to do in my next launch so that my business grows profitably?"








Ready to unlock massive growth?

Want My Team And I To Personally Help You Get Profitable Launch Results And Scale Your Business Faster?

Imagine having the best brains in the digital course world diving deep into your business data and developing a customized plan for your next launch. 

If you’re ready to get serious about your online business and ready to shorten the runway to predictably profitable launches, this is your next step. 

We’re rolling out the red carpet and cutting the ribbon on a brand new program that will change the online course, memberships and launch game for good.

You’re Only 30 Days Away From Having A Clear Plan To Grow Your Course Launches to 7 Figures

30 Days Intensive Program

The Launch Lounge™


Over 30 days, my team and I will work closely with you to put together a strategy for your next launch that is guaranteed to get you profitable results. 

Drawing on our extensive experience in online advertising, online course launching, digital marketing and data analysis, we will personally work with you to map out the precise steps you need to take to get your Facebook™ and Instagram™ ads working for you to grow and scale your online business successfully.

You’ll walk away with a clear strategy for both your launch and your ads and you’ll know exactly what to do next to reach those results you’ve dreamt of.

This is your opportunity to work one-on-one with me to develop a flawless business strategy that will catapult you to those 6 Figure launches and a 7 Figure business faster. 

Your Personal Invitation From Salome

No More Second-Guessing Yourself

No More Confusion

About what actually worked and what really didn’t work in your last launch.

No More Head-Scratching

Wondering what you should be doing next if you want to grow.

Just A Big Yes…

To clearly knowing exactly what to fix next in your audiences, your offers and your funnels.

So you can confidently plan your next launch knowing you will get more sales, have time to enjoy life while you launch, build flexibility into your launch and create a profitable machine that scales predictably, without the risk of hiring a team first!

No More Wasting Money

On so-called done-for-you experts that make big promises and then shrug their shoulders when you have very little profit to show for your launch ad dollars.

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"Not only is Salome incredibly skilled in paid advertising, but she also has a huge heart. That is why she has been such a huge support to my community."

- Amy Porterfield

Ready To Make Your Next Launch The One That Changes Your Life Forever?

Maybe you’ve already figured out that simply throwing more money at ads doesn’t guarantee a bigger launch. #beenthere

Perhaps you’ve wondered if ads just don’t work in your niche. No matter how many students rave about your course, new leads just don’t buy as much as they used to.

You’ve probably also learned that having one or two profitable launches is one thing, but scaling your launch can leave you empty-handed after paying for ads and all contractors you hired!

You may already know that finding the RIGHT audience is just as important as making them an irresistible offer.

Ready to unlock more profit?

And when you know exactly what to do in each of the three parts of your launch, you are guaranteed to launch profitably. Even if Facebook™ and Instagram™ ad costs go up, even if iOS changes impact your results and even if you have a small team or you are doing it all by yourself. 

Helping online course creators do *exactly* what it takes to build a successful business is our jam.  

This Is Where Our 3-Part Growth Accelerator System Comes In!

We’ve been in the backend of over 78 profitable launches and we’re going to use all our experience to get you some jaw-dropping results without the jaw-dropping ongoing retainer fee.

We have learned that every profitable online course business consists of only three elements that you can control if you want to grow and scale your business.

In The Launch Lounge™ 30 Days Intensive

We’ll thoroughly analyze each of the three growth accelerators in your business…

So that you can know exactly what’s working and what to do next to guarantee your next profitable launch.

Unlock These Three Major Growth Accelerators In Your Business Today

Your Funnel

Inside The Launch Lounge™ 30 Days Intensive program we’ll help you unlock each of these three growth accelerators and teach you how to identify your ‘Most Profitable Customer Journey’. 

Once you know exactly where your most profitable customer comes from, you can put an offer in front of them that they cannot refuse. 

When you know how to move them strategically through the right funnel, you have created a predictably scalable system that allows you to grow your business, grow your team, take time off and enjoy the freedom that made you start your business in the first place. 

Your Audience

Your Offer

Yes, that means you finally get to put more profit in your pocket, hire that rock star team who’ll let you take Fridays off, and finally feel like you have the FREEDOM EMPIRE you wanted when you started this journey in the first place.

Hello, 10am pilates class!

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"They provided an expert analysis of what I was doing well and what could be improved in terms of my marketing plan."

"I applied everything you told me and now we have 100 new clients!!!!"

"I got a tailored strategy for how to attract my audience, convert more and scale."





So, Is This The Right Next Step For You?

Does this sound like you?

You’re still trying to figure out exactly where your audience hangs out on Facebook™ and Instagram™ and how to successfully target them with ads so they sign up for your launch and make that purchase.

You’ve hired an Ads Manager in the past and it didn’t quite work out the way you had hoped. Now you want to make sure you learn from your mistake and spend your money where you will get the best results next time.

Or you don’t feel quite ready to make an ongoing, long-term commitment to hiring an Agency or an expensive Done-For-You Ads Manager, but you want to tap into the strategies that are used in multi 6 Figure and 7 Figure launches to scale your business profitably.

You’ve launched a few times already and seen some level of success, but deep down you’ve been underwhelmed by the results so far.


You’ve taken all the big online courses already and don’t want to take another one. You know the launch basics, you get the big picture, but you wish someone could run a fine-toothed comb through your whole business and figure out exactly where your specific gaps are and give you a clear plan on what to fix next, so that you can strategically build on your past success.


You wish you had a team of experts who could look at what you’ve created so far and tell you exactly what you need to do next to guarantee a profitable launch.

Nodding away?

It’s like fate brought you here!

Before you proceed!!!

This is NOT right for everyone.


You aren’t ready to invest your time in looking at the challenges you have in your business and committing to making a change.

You don’t have the time to set aside over the next 30 days to work closely with The Launch Lounge™ Consultants and Coaches to give us what we need to help you understand your business and provide you with the best possible, most personalized feedback we can.

It's probably         for you if...

You’re not open to learning and taking on feedback.


Is the most comprehensive program on the market that will supercharge your next launch and get you to those multi 6 Figure launches FASTER, without hiring a team of geeks or handing your hard-earned money over to Zucks, not knowing how much you will get back.

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The Launch Lounge™ 30 Days Intensive

Our Bold Guarantee To You

I am so confident in my team’s ability to design a business growth plan for you that I will guarantee, if you follow our plan, you will have a profitable launch or I will give you your money back

You’ll have to actually follow our plan and when you do and your launch does not turn out profitably, I will give you your money back. 

If you’ve ever felt that Facebook™ and Instagram™ ads are a giant gamble, then this is your opportunity to test them with no risk to you.

"I’ll recommend Salome and her team in a heartbeat."

"Working with Salome and her team has been a dream come true."

"We especially appreciate their level of organization and detailed reporting and analysis."

"We succeeded in our goal to be one of the Top 10 affiliates for B-School." 

"They paid above-and-beyond attention to the relaunch of our two evergreen campaigns."

"They helped me get webinar registrations for 96c!"

Over 30 days of working together, we’ll pinpoint the roadblocks stopping your business from exploding with growth.

We’ll get straight to the crux of your business woes (some of which you may not have even noticed were there) and develop a step-by-step strategy that will land you more students and sales in your next launch, guaranteed. 

Here’s what’s included in

The Launch Lounge™ 30 Days Intensive:

What’s Included In The Launch Lounge™ 30 Days Intensive:

Audit Of Your Entire Business

A comprehensive Audit of your entire business identifying the problem areas holding you back from hitting higher revenue goals. It could be an audience-offer mismatch; it could be a leaky funnel; it could be a broken link; it could be a tech failure or budgeting issue. My team will identify the problem areas and develop a clear strategy to get you back on track fast. 

VALUE: $5,000

Get actionable coaching as you work with Salome to review your Audit results and create your personalized roadmap to getting predictable results that scale, faster.

VALUE: $5,000

2 x 90 Minute One-On-One Coaching Calls With Salome

Customized Report

A customized report outlining all our findings and recommendations for systems and tech you can access to make growing your business and hiring a team even easier. 

VALUE: $2,500

Customized Launch Strategy And The Supporting Ads Strategy

A customized launch strategy and the supporting ads strategy to get you to more sales, faster growth and more profit without any of the spaghetti-on-the-wall tactics that only work for some. 

VALUE: $10,000

Email Access

Email access to me and my team for 30 days to ask questions and get extra support as you implement and test your brand-spanking-new strategy.

VALUE: $1,500

Free Additional Training For 6 Months

Free access to additional training inside The Launch Lounge™ Freedom Level Membership for six months, so that you can confidently learn how to execute your profitable launch plan and get extra support if you need it.

VALUE: $1,800

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It will be fast, it will be intense and it will be incredibly transformational.

This is the only way to work directly with Salome and get support from the best marketing team for online course creators, without the long-term Agency retainer fees in excess of US$4,500 per month. 

We’ll work with you hands-on and develop your personal strategy based on what’s already working for you, so we can guarantee that your strategy will work. 

Unlock Your Personalized Recipe For Success And Freedom





What Will Happen Over The 30 Days?

How it all goes down.

You will set aside about 90 minutes to complete our Audit Form. We go deep so you’ll need to set aside this time, so that you feel confident that you have the best understanding of the current state of your launch results and your business.

The Launch Lounge™ Consultants and Coaches will be with you every step of the way to make this process as seamless as possible, so there’s no need to worry about an avalanche of extra work to tackle alone.

Once we have an in-depth understanding, our Team of Uber Geeks will draw on their expertise, thoroughly investigate all the possible options you can take and formulate a customized strategy guaranteed to get you a profitable launch fast.

As part of The Launch Lounge™ 30 Days Intensive, you’ll have two in-depth one-on-one coaching calls with Salome to unpack every inch of your business. No pixel, webinar or email sequence will be left unturned.

"My numbers continue to rise weekly because of this investment in getting the best people to help me grow my business."

"The consistency of communication and reporting makes me feel completely in the loop. The cost per conversion was great too."

"We can finally see exactly what’s working for future ad spending!"

"It’s such a comforting thing to have someone alongside you that cares about your success just as much as you do."

"My launch was successful because of the brain power behind Salome’s skill set with running successful Facebook ads."

"Salome TRULY wants to see her clients succeed and it’s that personal interest that sets her and her team apart from everyone else."

After a few days to read your report properly, it’s time for your second one-on-one Coaching Call with Salome. Over 90 minutes, Salome will guide you through the report, explain our recommendations, answer all your burning questions and tweak anything if needed. You’ll then have an extra two days up your sleeve to wrap up any final questions or concerns with Salome and The Launch Lounge™ Consultants and Coaches.

Day 27/28 - Second Coaching Call With Salome

Stage 7

At the end of week two, once the Audit has been completed, you’ll have your first Coaching Call with Salome to clarify where the gaps are and what she thinks will be your most profitable strategy going forward. Salome will bring you along for the journey, teaching you all the important strategies to help you understand the big picture.

Day 21 to 24 - Recommendation Phase (Part 2)

Stage 6

This is your time to sit back, relax and get back to what you do best, running the day-to-day of your online course. The Launch Lounge™ Consultants and Coaches will be busy behind the scenes identifying what’s working, what’s not working and what needs fixing.

Day 14 to 21 - Recommendation Phase (Part 1)

Stage 5

At the end of week two, once the Audit has been completed, you’ll have your first Coaching Call with Salome to clarify where the gaps are and what she thinks will be your most profitable strategy going forward. Salome will bring you along for the journey, teaching you all the important strategies to help you understand the big picture.

Day 14 - First Coaching Call With Salome

Stage 4

This is your time to sit back, relax and get back to what you do best, running the day-to-day of your online course. The Launch Lounge™ Consultants and Coaches will be busy behind the scenes identifying what’s working, what’s not working and what needs fixing.

Day 7 to 14 - The Audit

Stage 3

This stage of the process is where we get to know you and your business on a whole new level. We’ll go through all your results so far, unpack your assets and your current strategy, then retrieve all the important data that will help us make a profitable plan. We’ll meet with you one-on-one and use our expertise to identify the gaps holding your business back.

Stage 2

We start by giving you a step-by-step guide to giving us access to your Ad Account and any other tech systems we need to access in order to create a clear picture of your data.

***Our 30 days counter starts once onboarding is complete.


Stage 1

The Launch Lounge™ 30 Days Intensive isn’t for everyone. If your application is successful, we’ll kick things off with a 15-minute call between you and Salome to see if this really is the right next step for your business. If we both agree this is a good match, we’ll require a 50% deposit to start the onboarding process.

Discovery Call With Salome

Once You’ve Applied, Here’s What Happens Next

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Day 0 to 7 – 30 Days Intensive Questionnaire

Here are some of the next steps:

In your second Coaching Call, Salome will recommend the next steps to ensure the momentum will keep growing and your launch results will keep increasing. 

Your Support Continues After 30 Days

You’ll be given six months access to The Launch Lounge™ Freedom Level Membership (a whopping $1,800 of value for free). 

Here you can access specific training you may need to fill any knowledge gaps you have, without needing to buy any more expensive courses. 

You’ll also have access to bi-monthly group coaching with Salome and weekly coaching with her team of extraordinary online course launch Coaches, plus all the other perks.

Complimentary Access To The Launch Lounge™ Freedom Level Membership

Once the bottlenecks keeping you stuck have been identified and a clear plan to 10x your business has been created, it is time to get the right team in place to help you make those big Facebook™ and Instagram™ ads moves.

Completing the 30 Days Intensive gives you priority access to The Launch Lounge™ Boutique Advertising Agency providing done-for-you ads. This is the only way you can work with our team of Funnel & Analytics Experts, Ads Managers and with Salome one-on-one, to scale your business strategically to multi 6 Figures and 7 Figures fast.

Access to our Boutique Advertising Agency is strictly limited to six people because of the high level of work involved in scaling a business profitably. We get dozens of applications when these spots open up and only 30 Days Intensive Alumni get the fast-track experience to the front of the line.

Priority Access To The Launch Lounge™ Boutique Advertising Agency

The Launch Lounge™ 30 Days Intensive sessions are strictly limited due to the intensive time commitment by every team member.

Let’s go deep. Let’s go fast. And let’s get your online biz breaking new revenue goals faster than you can say “my-money-don’t-jiggle-jiggle”.

Your total investment for this program is US$5,000. To begin the 30 Days Intensive, an upfront one-off payment of US$2,500 is required. The balance will be charged at the end of the 30 Days. 

This is the only way to get a taste of working with a team that understands the systems and processes of creating profitable online course launches, without committing to the monthly retainer payments of hiring such a team. 

You deserve to feel confident, in control and excited every time you launch your course, knowing every second of precious time and all that hard-earned money you poured into ads will pay off in spades. 

The Investment:

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What Other 30 Days Intensive Clients Said About This Experience

It has been an amazing experience working with Salome and her team. I’ve learned to analyze every piece of my launch and now I know what’s working, what isn’t, and where we should put our efforts to improve our results. The best part of this experience for me was how I got to know our business a lot better and the wonderful job Salome does guiding you through all the analysis. I am a person who hates analyzing data, but The Launch Lounge™ 30 Days Intensive made that hard task so much easier.

What’s been the highlight of this experience for you?



Marta Morlan


This 30 Days Intensive strategy offer has been the BEST investment because of how custom it was to my business. There’s no cookie-cutter strategy for everyone. I loved that this wasn’t just about “how to use Facebook™ ads”. Instead, this was a tailored strategy for how to attract my audience, convert and scale. I couldn’t see what Salome and her team instantly highlighted because we get tunnel vision in our own biz. Salome just gets it and is one smart cookie. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with this.

What’s been the highlight of this experience for you?



Sally Coombes


I loved getting an expert’s opinion on what I was already doing well and what could be done better. Had I tackled this on my own, I would have missed so many important steps like setting up tracking for my funnels and making sure the funnels were speaking to each other (and graduating my customers from one funnel to the other). It was nice to get this kind of feedback without any judgment – I truly felt like Salome and her team wanted to help me and my business succeed.

What’s been the highlight of this experience for you?



Savannah Gilbo


I started learning online marketing out of sheer rebellion against a choice I felt forced to make. “How do I maintain my creative drive, my need for independence and my love for expensive shoes AND show up for my two young daughters without having to work full time?”

This one question has taken me around the world, connecting me with remarkable people and providing me with the education of a lifetime. 

Today, I am the CEO of a 7 Figure Agency. I have helped thousands of new entrepreneurs successfully launch their courses online while building a business that offers flexible work opportunities for women, so that they, too, can live life on their own terms.

It would be an honor to share the expertise of my incredibly talented team with you to help you scale your online courses business to 7 Figures and beyond! 

Join us and we’ll show you what having your very own Freedom Empire means.


Hi, I'm Salome...
I Love Seeing Women Define And Create Their Freedom Empires

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